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Jerry Ellig (bibliographie)

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Cet article présente la liste des œuvres de Jerry Ellig, de façon aussi exhaustive que possible. Pour une présentation de l'auteur et de sa pensée, voir l'article dédié.

De 1984 à 1989

  • 1986, "Do We Walk With Walras?", Atlantic Economic Journal, Vol 14, n°2, Juillet
  • 1987, commentaire du livre d'Israel Kirzner, "Discovery and the Capitalist Process", Market Process, Vol 5, n°2, Fall
  • 1988,
    • a. avec Jack High, The Private Supply of Education, In: Tyler Cowen, dir., The Theory of Market Failure: A Critical Examination, Fairfax, Va.: George Mason University Press
    • b. “The Case of the Interstate Pipeline”, Working Paper. George Mason University: Center for Market Process
  • 1989,
    • a. "Consumers on Hold", Reason, juillet, pp36-37
    • b. avec Phillip Mink, "The Courts, the Congress, and the Future of Telecommunications", Washington, D.C.: Citizens for a Sound Economy Foundation

De 1990 à 1999

  • 1990, "A Business Historian's History", commentaire du livre de Thomas McCraw, dir., "The Essential Alfred Chandler", Market Process, n°8
  • 1991,
    • a. "Endogenous Change and the Economic Theory of Regulation", Journal of regulatory economics, Vol 3, n°3, septembre, pp265-274
      • Repris en 1999, In: R. Ekelund, Jr., dir., "The Foundations of Regulatory Economics", Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar Publishing
    • b. "The Baseball Anomaly and Congressional Intent", In: Jack High, dir., "Regulation: Economic Theory and History", University of Michigan Press
    • c. "Computer Reservation Systems, Creative Destruction, and Consumer Welfare", Transportation Law Journal, 19:2, Summer
    • d. Commentaire du livre de Robert W. Crandall, "After the Breakup: U.S. Telecommunications in a More Competitive Era", Reason, May
  • 1992,
    • a. "Untwisting the Strands of Chicago Antitrust", The Antitrust Bulletin, 37:4, Winter, pp863-879
    • b. "The Environmental Impact of Public Utility Regulation: Kern County and the Case of the Missing Gas Pipelines", In: Michael Crew, dir., "Economic Innovations in Public Utility Regulation", Boston: Kluwer
    • c. "Downzoning and Development in a Dynamic Economy: The Case of Fairfax County, Virginia", In: Richard C. Collins, dir., "Development, Expectations, and the Zoning Power: the Concept of Vested Rights", Charlottesville, Virginia: Institute for Environmental Negotiation
    • d. avec Donald Boudreaux, "Beneficent Bias: The Case Against Regulating Computerized Reservation Systems", Journal of Air Law and Commerce, Vol 57, Spring
    • e. avec Jack High, "Social Contracts and Pipe Dreams", Contemporary Policy Issues, Vol 10, n°1, Janvier
    • f. Commentaire du livre de Paul Stephen Dempsey et Andrew Goetz, "Airline Deregulation and Laissez-Faire Mythology", Transportation Practitioners Journal, Fall
  • 1993,
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    • b. avec Wayne Gable, "Introduction to Market Based Management", Fairfax, VA: Center for Market Processes
    • c. Internal Pricing for Corporate Services, Working Paper in Market-Based Management, Centre for the Study of Market Processes, George Mason University
      • Traduit en espagnol en 1996, “Fijación de precios internos para servicios corporativos”, Libertas, Nº25, octubre, Año XIII
    • d. "The Consumer Impact of Federal Natural Gas Regulation", Transportation Practitioners Journal, Spring
  • 1994,
    • a. "The Economics of Regulatory Takings", In: Roger Clegg, dir., Regulatory Takings: Restoring Private Property Rights
    • b. "The Incredible Ticket Machine", The Freeman, Mai, Vol 44, n°5
    • c. avec Alison E. Woodward et Tom R. Burns, "Municipal entrepreneurship and energy policy : a five nation study of politics, innovation, and social change", Yverdon, Switzerland ; Langhorne, Pa. : Gordon and Breach
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    • f. avec W. Winegarden, "Airline Deregulation and Consumer Welfare", Transportation Practitioners Journal, Summer
  • 1996,
    • a. "Organizational Economics and the Market‐Based Management Framework: Toward a Common Research Agenda", Journal of Private Enterprise, Vol 12, n°1, Fall, pp73–88
    • b. avec Tojo Thatchenkery, "Subjectivism, discovery and boundaryless careers: An Austrian perspective", In: Michael Arthur et Denise Rousseau, dir., Boundaryless careers: A new employment principle for a new organizational era, New York: Oxford University Press, pp171-186
    • c. avec Joseph Kalt, dir., "New Horizons in Natural Gas Deregulation", Norwich, CT: Praeger
    • d. avec Joseph Kalt, "Intrastate Pipeline Regulation: Lessons from the Texas Experience", In: Jerry Ellig et Joseph Kalt, dir., "New Horizons in Natural Gas Deregulation", Westport, CT: Praeger
  • 1997,
    • a. avec Robert W. Crandall, dir., Economic Deregulation and Customer Choice: Lessons for the Electric Industry (electricity), Center for Market Processes
    • b. avec Dan Lin, A taxonomy of dynamic competition theories, In: Jerry Ellig et Robert W. Crandall, dir., Economic Deregulation and Customer Choice: Lessons for the Electric Industry (electricity), Center for Market Processes

De 2000 à 2009

  • 2000, avec Dan Lin, "Dynamic Competition and Monopoly Regulation", In: Michael Crew, dir., "Expanding Competition in Regulated Industries", Boston: Kluwer Academic Publishers
  • 2001,
    • a. Dir., "Dynamic Competition and Public Policy: Technology, Innovation, and Antitrust Issues", New York: Cambridge University Press,
    • b. "Internal Markets and the Theory of the Firm", Managerial and Decision Economics, Vol 22, n°4-5, June-August, pp222–237
  • 2002,
    • a. avec K. Kelly, "Competition and Quality in Deregulated Industries: Lessons for the Education Debate", Texas Review of Law & Politics, 6, Spring
    • b. "Telecommunications Mergers, Managerial Expectations, and Theories of the Firm", In: Peter Klein et Nikolai Foss, dir., "Entrepreneurship and the Firm", Aldershott, UK: Edward Elgar
    • c. "Railroad Deregulation and Consumer Welfare", Journal of Regulatory Economics, Vol 21, n°2, mars, pp143-167
  • 2006,
    • a. avec James Taylor, "The Irony of Transparency: Unintended Consequences of Wireless Truth-in-Billing", Loyola Consumer Law Review, 19:1
    • b. avec Alastair Walling, "Regulatory Status of VoIP in the Post-Brand X World", SANTA CLARA COMPUTER & HIGH TECH. L.J, Vol 23, n°9, pp128–129
    • c. avec G. Brito, "Video Killed the Franchise Star: The Consumer Cost of Cable Franchising and Proposed Policy Alternatives", Journal of Telecommunications and High Technology Law, Vol 5
    • d. avec A. Agarwal, "Buried Online: State Laws that Limit E-Commerce in Caskets", The Elder Law Journal, Vol 14, n°2
    • e. "Costs and Consequences of Federal Telecommunications Regulations", Federal Communications Law Journal, Vol 58, n°1
    • f. avec Amos Guiora, Kyle McKenzie, "A Framework for Evaluating Counterterrorism Regulations", Mercatus Policy Series, Mercatus Center, George Mason University, September
  • 2008, avec J. Belcore, "Homeland Security and Regulatory Analysis: Are We Safe Yet?", Rutgers Law Journal, Vol 40, n°1, Fall

De 2010 à 2019

  • 2011,
    • a. avec Maurice MacTigue, Henry R. Wray, "Government Performance and Results: An Evaluation of GPRA's First Decade", CRC Press, ISBN 9781439844649
    • b. avec Patrick A. McLaughlin, "Does OIRA Review Improve the Quality of Regulatory Impact Analysis? Evidence from the Final Year of the Bush II Administration", Administrative Law Review, Vol 63, pp179–202
  • 2012, avec Patrick A. McLaughlin, "The Quality and Use of Regulatory Analysis in 2008", Risk Analysis, Vol 32, pp855–880
  • 2013, avec Patrick A. McLaughlin, John F. Morrall III, "Continuity, Change, and Priorities: The Quality and Use of Regulatory Analysis across U.S. Administrations", Regulation & Governance, Vol 7, pp153–173
  • 2016, avec Rosemarie Fike, "Regulatory Process, Regulatory Reform, and the Quality of Regulatory Impact Analysis", Journal of Benefit-Cost Analysis, Vol 7, n°3, pp523-559