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Roger Garrison (bibliographie)

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Cet article présente la liste des œuvres de Roger Garrison, de façon aussi exhaustive que possible. Pour une présentation de l'auteur et de sa pensée, voir l'article dédié.

De 1978 à 1979

  • 1979,
    • a. In Defense of the Misesian Theory of Interest, Journal of Libertarian Studies, Vol 3, n°2, pp215-226
    • b. Préface au Livre d'Oskar Morgenstern, National Income Statistics: A Critique of Macroeconomic Aggregation, San Francisco: Cato Institute, ppxi-xiii
    • c. Comment: Waiting in Vienna, In: Mario Rizzo, dir., Time, Uncertainty, and Disequilibrium, Lexington, Mass.: D. C. Heath and Co., pp215-226

De 1980 à 1989

  • 1981, The Austrian-Neoclassical Relation. A Study in Monetary Dynamics, Ph.D. Dissertation. Charlottesville: University of Virginia
  • 1983,
    • a. "Gold: A Standard and an Institution", Cato Journal, 3, Spring, pp233—38
    • b. Commentaire du livre de Harvey Gram et Vivian Walsh, "Classical and Neoclassical Theories of General Equilibrium: Historical and Mathematical Structure", Market Process, Vol 1, n°1, January, pp3-5
  • 1985,
    • a. "Intertemporal Coordination and the Invisible Hand: An Austrian Perspective on the Keynesian Vision", History of Political Economy, 17(2), Summer, pp309-21
      • Repris en 1999, In: Peter J. Boettke, Andrew Farrant, Greg Ransom, Gilberto O. Salgado, dir., "The Legacy of Friedrich von Hayek", Vol 3, Aldershot, UK: Edward Elgar Publishing, pp282-294
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    • f. The Costs of a Gold Standard, In: Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr., dir., http://mises.org/books/goldstandard.pdf The Gold Standard: An Austrian Perspective], Lexington, Mass: Lexington Books, Ch 4, pp61-80
      • Repris dans la nouvelle édition de 1992, Auburn: Ludwig von Mises Institute
    • g. "Predictable Behavior: Comment", American Economic Review, 75(3), juin, pp576-78
  • 1986,
    • a. "From Lachmann to Lucas: On Institutions, Expectations and Equilibrating Tendencies", Journal of Economics, Vol 12, pp165-171
      • Repris en 1986, "From Lachmann to Lucas: On Institutions, Expectations, and Equilibrating Tendencies", In: Israel M. Kirzner, dir., "Subjectivism, intelligibility and economic understanding. Essays in Honor of Ludwig M. Lachmann on his Eightieth Birthday", New York: New York University press, pp87-101
    • b. "Hayekian trade cycle theory: a reappraisal", Cato Journal, Vol 6, n°2, Fall, pp437-453
  • 1987,
    • a. "The Kaleidic World of Ludwig Lachmann" (commentaire du livre de Ludwig Lachmann, "The Market as an Economic Process"), Critical Theory, Summer, vol 1, n°3, pp77-89
    • b. "Full employment and intertemporal co-ordination: A rejoinder", History of Political Economy, 19(2), pp335-341
    • c. avec Gerald O'Driscoll et Eugenie D. Short, Financial Stability and FDIC Insurance, In: Catherine England et Thomas Huertas, dir., The Financial Services Revolution: Policy Directions for the Future, Boston: Kluwer Academic Publishers, pp187–207

De 1990 à 1999

  • 1990, "Austrian Capital Theory: The Early Controversies", History of Political Economy 22 (supplement): 133-154
  • 1992,
    • a. Is Milton Friedman a Keynesian?, In: Mark Skousen, dir., Dissent on Keynes: A critical appraisal of Keynesian economics, New York: Praeger Publishers, pp131-147
    • b. The Limits of Macroeconomics, Cato Journal, vol 12, n°1, Spring/Summer, pp165-178
    • c. "Public-Sector Deficits and Private-Sector Performance", In: Lawrence White, dir., "The Crisis in the Banking Industry", New York: New York University Press
  • 1994,
    • a. “Interview” In: Brian Snowdon, Howard Vane et Peter Wynarczyk, A Modern Guide to Macroeconomics: An Introduction to Competing Schools of Thought, Aldershot, England: Edward Elgar, pp383-97
      • Traduction française en 1997, In: Brian Snowdon, Howard Vane et Peter Wynarczyk, La Pensée Économique Moderne: Guide des Grands Courants de Keynes à Nos Jours. Paris: Ediscience International, pp415-430
      • Traduction chinoise
      • Traduction italienne
      • Traduction polonaise
    • b. The Roaring Twenties and the Bullish Eighties: The Role of Government in Boom and Bust, Critical Review, 7(2/3), pp257–276
    • c. Hayekian Triangles and Beyond, In: Jack Birner et Rudy Van Zijp, dir., Hayek, Co-ordination and Evolution; His Legacy in Philosophy, Politics, Economics, and the History of Ideas, London & New York, N.Y.: Routledge
  • 1995,
    • a. Commentaire du livre de Karen Vaughn, Austrian Economics in America: The Migration of a Tradition, Southern Economic Journal, vol. 62, no. 1 (July), pp279-281
    • b. Commentaire du livre de GR Steele, The Economics of Friedrich Hayek, Southern Economic Journal, vol 61, n°4, April, pp1234-1236
    • c. Murray Rothbard (1926-1995), In: Lew Rockwell, Dir., Murray N. Rothbard: In Memoriam Auburn, AL: Ludwig von Mises Institute, pp13-18
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    • g. "Keynes Was a Keynesian", Review of Austrian Economics, Vol 9, n°1, pp165-172
  • 1998,
    • a. The Intertemporal Adam Smith, Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics, vol. 1, no. 1, Spring, pp. 51-60
    • b. “Eugen von Bohm-Bawerk,” In: Randall Holcombe, Dir., Fifteen Great Austrian Economists, Auburn, AL: Ludwig von Mises Institute, pp113-122
    • c. Chronically Large Federal Budget Deficits, FMF Monograph 18. Sandton, South Africa: the Free Market Foundation

De 2000 à 2004

  • 2000,
    • a. avec Frank Jöst, Commentaire du livre de Malte Faber, John Proops et Stefan Speck, Capital and Time in Ecological Economics: Neo-Austrian Modelling, Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics, vol. 3, no. 3, (Fall), pp85-88
    • b. "An Austrian Economist: An Interview with Roger W. Garrison", Austrian Economics Newsletter, 20(4)
    • c. "The government is the stabilizer. It just ain't so.", Ideas on liberty, January, Vol 50, n°1, pp6-7

De 2005 à 2009

  • 2008,
    • a. "Ahiakpor on Mises and Forced Saving: A Rejoinder", History of Political Economy, 40(2), pp397-405
    • b. "Austrian Economics", In: William A. Darity, Jr., dir., "International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences", 2nd ed., Detroit: Macmillan, vol 1, pp210-212

De 2010 à 2019

  • 2014,
    • a. avec Norman Barry, dir., "Elgar Companion to Hayekian Economics", Edward Elgar, ISBN 9780857931108 ISBN 0857931105
    • b. "Introduction", In: Norman Barry et Roger Garrison, dir., "Elgar Companion to Hayekian Economics", Edward Elgar, ISBN 9780857931108 ISBN 0857931105
    • c. "Hayek and Friedman", In: Norman Barry, Roger Garrison, dir., "Elgar Companion to Hayekian Economics", Edward Elgar, ISBN 9780857931108 ISBN 0857931105
  • 2016, "Cycles and slumps in an overly aggregated theoretical framework", In: Steven Kates, dir., "What's wrong with Keynesian economic theory?", Northampton: Edward Elgar, pp92-105