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Robert H. Nelson

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Robert H. Nelson est chercheur à l'Institut indépendant [[[Independent Institute]]] et professeur de politique environnementale à l'École de politique publique de l'Université du Maryland. Il a obtenu ses diplômes universitaires en mathématiques de l'Université Brandeis et un doctorat en économie de l'Université de Princeton.

Il fut économiste pour la commission du Sénat américain sur l'étude des question indiennes et chercheur dans plusieurs centres de recherche : Marine Policy Center, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Property and Environment Research Center [Centre de recherche sur l'environnement et la propriété], Competitive Enterprise Institute, etc.

Il est l'auteur de nombreux volumes et articles dans des revues portant sur les sujets de l'environnement, du gouvernement local, du zonage, des droits de propriété, de l'économie de la religion et sur l'échec de la gestion scientifique.


De 1976 à 1989

  • 1976, "The Economics of Honest Trade Practices", Journal of Industrial Economics, June
  • 1977, Zoning and Property Rights: An Analysis of the American System of Land Use Regulation, Cambridge, Mass.: MIT Press
    • Version paperback en 1980
  • 1979, "A Private Property Right Theory of Zoning", The Urban Lawyer, Fall
  • 1981, avec Christopher K. Leman, "Ten Commandments for Policy Economists", Journal of Policy Analysis and Management, October
  • 1982,
    • a. "The Public Lands", In: Paul R. Portney, dir., Current Issues in Natural Resource Policy, Washington, D.C.: Resources for the Future -- distribué par le Johns Hopkins University Press
    • b. avec Christopher K. Leman, "The Rise of Managerial Federalism: An Assessment of Benefits and Costs", Environmental Law, Summer
  • 1983,
    • a. The Making of Federal Coal Policy, Durham, N.C.: Duke University Press
    • b. avec Donald J. Bieniewicz, "Planning a Market for Federal Coal Leasing", Natural Resources Journal, July
    • c. "A Long Term Strategy for the Public Lands", In: Richard Ganzel, dir., Resource Conflicts in the West, Reno: Nevada Public Affairs Institute, University of Nevada, March
    • d. "Undue Diligence -- The Mine-It-or-Lose-It Rule", Regulation, January/February
  • 1984,
    • a. "Ideology and Public Land Policy: The Current Crisis", In: Sterling Brubaker, dir., Rethinking the Federal Lands, Washington, D.C.: Resources for the Future distribué par The Johns Hopkins University Press
    • b. "The Subsidized Sagebrush: Why Privatization Failed", Regulation, July/August
    • c. "Why the Sagebrush Revolt Burned Out", Regulation, May/June
    • d. "Economic Analysis in Public Rangeland Management", In: John Francis et Richard Ganzel, dir., Western Public Lands, Totowa, N.J.: Rowman and Allenheld
    • e. "Zoning: A Private Alternative", In: John Baden, dir., The Vanishing Farmland Crisis: Critical Views of the Movement to Preserve Agricultural Land, Lawrence, Ks.: University Press of Kansas
    • f. "Private Neighborhoods: A New Direction for the Neighborhood Movement", In: Charles C. Geisler et Frank J. Popper, dir., Land Reform, American Style, Totowa, N.J.: Rowman and Allenheld
    • g. "The Future of Western and Federal Coal Production", In: Ragaei El Mallakh, dir., Energy Development in the Western United States: Financing Prospects and International Implications, Boulder, Col.: International Research Center for Energy and Economic Development
    • h. "Ideology and Free-Market Environmentalism", Journal of Contemporary Studies, Spring
  • 1985,
    • a. avec Lucian Pugliaresi, "Mythology Instead of Analysis: The Story of Public Forest Management", In: Robert T. Deacon et M. Bruce Johnson, dir., Forestlands: Public and Private, San Francisco: Pacific Institute for Public Policy Research
    • b. "Timber Harvest Policy Issues on the O&C Lands", In: Robert T. Deacon et M. Bruce Johnson, dir., Forestlands: Public and Private, San Francisco: Pacific Institute for Public Policy Research
    • c. "NRDC v. Morton: The Role of Judicial Policymaking in Public Rangeland Management", Policy Studies Journal, December
  • 1986, "Private Rights to Government Actions: How Modern Property Rights Evolve", University of Illinois Law Review, n°2
  • 1987,
    • a. "The Future of Federal Forest Management: Options for Use of Market Methods", In: Phillip O. Foss, dir., Federal Lands Policy, New York: Greenwood Press
    • b. avec Randal R. Rucker, "The Economics Profession and the Making of Public Policy", Journal of Economic Literature, March
    • c. "Federal Timber Sale Procedures: The Need for Reform", Western Journal of Applied Forestry, January
  • 1988,
    • a. "Improving Market Mechanisms in U.S. Forestry", In: Clark S. Binkley, Garry S. Brewer et V. Alaric Sample, dir., Redirecting the RPA -- Proceedings of the 1987 Airlie House Conference on the Resources Planning Act, Bulletin 95, Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, New Haven, Conn.
    • b. "A Case for Governmental Decentralization", Halcyon 1988 -- A Journal of the Humanities, University of Nevada Press, Vol 10
  • 1989,
    • a. "The Office of Policy Analysis in the Department of the Interior", Journal of Policy Analysis and Management, Summer
      • Repris en 1992, In: Carol H. Weiss, dir., Organizations for Policy Analysis: Helping Government Think, Newbury Park, CA: Sage Publications
    • b. Introduction et résumé du livre de Joseph A. Pechman, dir., The Role of the Economist in Government: An International Perspective, New York: New York University Press
    • c. "Privatization of Federal Lands: What Did Not Happen", In: Roger Meiners, Bruce Yandle, dir., "Regulation and the Reagan Years: Politics, Bureaucracy and the Public Interest", New York: Holmes and Meier for The Independent Institute, pp132-165
    • d. "Zoning Myth and Practice -- From Euclid into the Future", In: Charles M. Haar et Jerold S. Kayden, dir., Zoning and the American Dream: Promises Still to Keep, Chicago: American Planning Association -- Planners Press
    • e. "Guiding the Ocean Search Process: Applying Public Land Experience to the Design of Leasing and Permitting Systems for Ocean Mining and Ocean Shipwrecks", Ocean Development and International Law, Vol 20
    • f. "Economic Issues in the Multiple-Use Management of Public Rangelands", In: Papers of the l989 Annual Meeting -- Western Agricultural Economics Association, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, July 9-l2
    • g. "The Privatization of Local Government: From Zoning to RCAs", In: Residential Community Associations: Private Governments in the Intergovernmental System?, Washington, D.C.: Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations, May

De 1990 à 1999

  • 1990, “Unoriginal Sin: The Judeo-Christian Roots of Ecotheology”, Policy Review, Summer, pp52-59
  • 1991,
    • a. "Reaching for Heaven on Earth: The Theological Meaning of Economics", Savage, Md.: Romman and Littlefield, avant-propos de Donald N. McCloskey,
      • Version paperback en 1993
    • b. "Economists as Policy Analysts: Historical Overview", In: David L. Weimer, dir., Policy Analysis and Economics: Developments, Tensions, Prospects, Boston: Kluwer Academic Publishers
  • 1992,
    • a. Wilderness, Church, and State, Liberty, September 1
    • b. avec Donald H. Rosenthal, "Why Existence Value Should not be Used in Cost Benefit Analysis", Journal of Policy Analysis and Management, Winter
  • 1994,
    • a. "Transferring Federal Lands in the West to the States: How would it work? Points West Chronicle, Winter 1994-95", Center for the New West, Denver, Colorado, pp6-7
    • b. "Economics as Religion", In: Geoffrey Brennan et A.M.C. Waterman, dir., Economics and Religion: Are They Distinct?, Boston: Kluwer Academic Publishers
    • c. "Greasing the Skids for a New Federal Oil and Gas Leasing System", In: Terry L. Anderson, dir., Multiple Conflicts over Multiple Uses, Bozeman, MT: Political Economy Research Center
    • d. "Government as Theatre: Towards a New Paradigm for the Public Lands", University of Colorado Law Review, Vol 65, n°2
  • 1995,
    • a. Public Lands and Private Rights: The Failure of Scientific Management, Rowman & Littlefield, Lanham, Maryland
    • b. Beyond the Progressive Paradigm, Inner Voice 7(5):12-13. Association of Forest Service Employees For Environmental Ethics, Eugene, Oregon
    • c. "Sustainability, Efficiency and God: Economic Values and the Sustainability Debate", Annual Review of Ecology and Systematics, Vol
    • d. "Trends in Availability and Usage of Outdoor Recreation", In: Julian L. Simon, dir., The State of Humanity, Blackwell
    • e. "Federal Zoning: The New Era in Environmental Policy", In: Bruce Yandle, dir., Land Rights: The 1990's Property Rights Rebellion, Lanham, MD: Rowman and Littlefield
    • f. "The Federal Land Management Agencies", In: Richard L. Knight et Sarah F. Bates, dir., A New Century for Natural Resources Management, Washington, D.C.: Island Press
    • g. "The Ecological Gospel", Religion & Liberty, vol 5, n°2
    • h. "Chemicals and Witches: Standards of Evidence in Regulation. What seventeenth-century witchhunts have in common with modern panics over chemicals", The Freeman, March, Vol 45, n°3, pp145-148
  • 1996,
    • a. "Bruce Babbitt, Pipeline to the Almighty", The Weekly Standard, June 24
    • b. "The Future of the National Forests", Society, November/December
    • c. "End of the Progressive Era: Toward Decentralization of the Federal Lands", In: Philip D. Brick et R. McGreggor Cawley, A Wolf in the Garden: The Land Rights Movement and the New Environmental Debate, Rowman and Littlefield
    • d. Préface au livre de Jon A. Souder et de Sally K. Fairfax, State Trust Lands: History, Management and Use, University of Kansas Press
    • e. Commentaire du livre de Eric W. Hagen et James J. Worman, "An Endless Series of Hobgoblins: The Science and Politics of Environmental Health Scares", The Freeman, July, Vol 46, n°7
  • 1997,
    • a. "Public Land Federalism: Go Away and Give Us More Money", In: Terry L. Anderson et Peter J. Hill, dir., Environmental Federalism, Lanham, MD: Rowman and Littlefield
    • b. “How to Reform Grazing Policy: Creating Forage Rights on Federal Rangelands”, Fordham Environmental Law Journal, n°8
    • c. "Is `Libertarian Environmentalist' an Oxymoron?: The Crisis of Progressive Faith and the Environmental and Libertarian Search for a New Guiding Vision", In: John A. Baden et Donald Snow, dir., The Next West: Public Lands, Community and Economy in the American West, Washington, D.C.: Island Press
    • d. "Does `Existence Value' Exist?: An Essay on Religions, Old and New", The Independent Review, March, Vol 1, spring, pp499–521
      • Repris en 2005, In: Robert Higgs et Carl P. Close, dir., Re-Thinking Green: Alternatives to Environmental Bureaucracy, Oakland, CA: The Independent Institute
    • e. "In Memoriam: On The Death of the `Market Mechanism'", Ecological Economics, March
    • f. "Calvinism Minus God: Environmental Restoration as a Theological Concept", In: L. Anathea Brooks et Stacy D. VanDeveer, dir., Saving the Seas: Values, Scientists and International Governance, Maryland Sea Grant College
  • 1998,
    • a. Calvinism minus God, Forbes Magazine, 5 octobre
    • b. “Economic Religion versus Christian Values”, Journal of Markets and Morality, October
  • 1999,
    • a. Privatizing the Neighborhood: A Proposal to Replace Zoning with Private Collective Property Rights to Existing Neighborhoods, George Mason Law Review, 7(4), pp827-880
    • b. “The Religion of Forestry: Scientific Management”, Journal of Forestry, November
    • c. “Zoning by Private Contract”, In: F. H. Buckley, dir., The Fall and Rise of Freedom of Contract, Durham, N.C: Duke University Press
    • d. “Privatizing the Neighborhood: A Proposal to Replace Zoning with Collective Private Property Rights to Existing Neighborhoods”, George Mason Law Review, Summer
    • e. “Public and Private in the Ownership and Management of Land in the United States”, Hitoshi Abe, Hiroko Sato et Chieko Kitagawa Otsuro, dir., JCAS Symposium Series 12, Osaka, Japan: Japan Center for Area Studies (JCAS), National Museum of Ethnology
    • f. "Judeo-Christian Tradition Best Basis for Environmentalism", Religion & Liberty, vol 9, n°2

De 2000 à 2009

  • 2000,
    • a. A Burning Issue: A Case for Abolishing the U.S. Forest Service, Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield
    • b. “Rethinking Scientific Management: Brand-New Alternatives for a Century-Old Agency”, In: Roger A. Sedjo, dir., A Vision for the U.S. Forest Service: Goals for its Next Century, Washington, D.C.: Resources for the Future
    • c. “The Forest Service’s Tinderbox”, Regulation, Vol 23, n°4
  • 2002,
    • a. “Western Myths and Realities”, Regulation, Summer
    • b. “Many Ways of Educating the Client”, Journal of Policy Analysis and Management, Winter
  • 2003,
    • a. Environmental Colonialism: “Saving” Africa from Africans, The Independent Review, Vol 8, n°1, Summer
      • Repris en 2005, In: Robert Higgs et Carl P. Close, dir., Re-Thinking Green: Alternatives to Environmental Bureaucracy, Oakland, CA: The Independent Institute, Ch 9
    • b. “The Rise of the Private Neighborhood Association: A Constitutional Revolution in Local Government”, In: Dick Netzer, dir., The Property Tax, Land Use and Land Use Regulation, Northampton, MA: Edward Elgar en association avec le Lincoln Institute of Land Policy
  • 2004,
    • a. “Scholasticism versus Pietism: The Battle for the Soul of Economics”, Econ Journal Watch, December
    • b. “Environmental Religion: A Theological Critique”, Case Western Reserve Law Review, Fall
    • c. “The Private Neighborhood”, Regulation, Summer
    • d. “What is ‘Economic Theology’”, The Princeton Seminary Bulletin, February
    • e. “Local Government as Private Property”, In: Harvey M. Jacobs, dir., Private Property in the 21st Century: The Future of an American Ideal, Northampton, MA: Edward Elgar en association avec le Lincoln Institute of Land Policy
    • f. “The Theological Meaning of Economics”, In: Paul Oslington, dir., Economics and Religion, Northampton, MA: Edward Elgar
  • 2005,
    • a. "Private Neighborhoods and the Transformation of Local Government", Washington, DC: Urban Institute Press
    • b. “The Theology of Economics”, In: James W. Henderson et John Pisciotta, dir., Faithful Economics: The Moral Worlds of a Neutral Science, Waco, TX: Baylor University Press
    • c. “In Defense of Religious Neighborhood Associations”, Philosophy and Public Policy Quarterly, Vol 25, n°4, Fall
    • d. “All in the Name of Progress: An Essay", commentaire du livre de Paul R. Josephson’s Industrialized Nature, Politics and the Life Sciences, Vol 23, n°2, October
    • e. “Doing ‘Secular Theology:’ Business Ethics in Economic and Environmental Religion”, In: Nicholas Capaldi, dir., Business and Religion: A Class of Civilizations?, Salem, MA: M & M Scrivener Press
  • 2006,
    • a. “New Community Associations for Established Neighborhoods”, Review of Policy Research, Vol 23, n°6, November
    • b. “Rethinking the American Constitution”, Philosophy and Public Policy Quarterly, Vol 26, n°3-4, Summer/Fall
    • c. “Valuing Nature: Economic Analysis and Public Land Management, 1975-2000”, American Journal of Economics and Sociology, July
      • reprise en 2006, In: Laurence S. Moss, dir., Natural Resources, Taxation & Regulation: Unusual Perspectives on a Classic Topic, Malden, MA: Blackwell Publishing
    • d. ”Economics as Religion: A Reply to the Commenters”, [réponses à 8 articles du livre de Robert H. Nelson, Economics as Religion, dans un symposium de la Law Review dédié à son livre], Case Western Reserve Law Review, Spring
  • 2007,
    • a. “The Gospel According to Conservation Biology”, Philosophy and Public Policy Quarterly, Vol 27, n°3-4, Summer/Fall
    • b. “The Philippine Economic Mystery”, The Philippine Review of Economics, June
  • 2008,
    • a. A Covenant for Globalization?: An Essay, commentaire du livre de Max L. Stackhouse, Globalization and Grace, The Review of Faith and International Affairs, Winter
    • b. “Global Warming and Religion: Climate Policy as Applied Theology”, In: The Global Warming Debate: Science, Economics, and Policy, Proceedings of a Conference Sponsored by the American Institute for Economic Research, November 2-3, 2007, Great Barrington, MA: American Institute for Economic Research
    • c. “Community Associations: Decentralizing Local Government Privately”, In: Gregory K. Ingram et Yu-Hung Hong, dir., Fiscal Decentralization and Land Policies, Cambridge, MA: Lincoln Institute of Land Policy
  • 2009,
    • a. “The Puzzle of Local Double Taxation: Why Do Private Community Associations Exist?,” The Independent Review, Winter
    • b. "Private Neighborhood Governance: Trends and New Options in Collective Housing Ownership", In: Randall Holcombe et Benjamin Powell, dir., "Housing America: Building Out of a Crisis", Somerset, NJ: Transaction Publishers

De 2010 à 2019

  • 2010,
    • a. Ecological Science as a Creation Story, The Independent Review, Vol 14, n°4, spring
    • b. The New Holy Wars. Economic Religion Versus Environmental Religion in Contemporary America, University Park, PA: Penn State University Press, ISBN 978-0-271-03581-9

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